Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant Colour Pop

I joined Twitter this week as @ShinyBlackDoor (yep, that’s a shameless plug for follows) and quickly came across a little community called Urban Jungle Bloggers, thanks to a guy called @IgorJosef from Happy Interior Blog. Igor tweeted a picture of a cactus on a bright yellow background, and to cut a long story short it drew me in and I stumbled across Urban Jungle Bloggers, which just happened to be co-founded by Igor himself.

The point of Urban Jungle Bloggers is all about bringing more greenery into our homes and combining interiors with plants. It couldn’t be more up my street, combining a good few of my favourite things – flowers, colour, interiors and photography. I’ve become a bit obsessed with plants in the house lately so this is the perfect inspiration for doing it more, and doing it well.

I signed up to the Urban Jungle Blogger community, which now means I receive their email newsletters letting  the community know when they’ve set a challenge and we can all take part on our blogs and across social media using the challenge hashtag. The website is full of beautifully bright, bold and inspiring imagery from bloggers across the world, and I was beyond excited this weekend to give me first challenge a go – #plantcolourpop (or #plantcolorpop if you’re from across the pond).

Some of these super talented bloggers clearly have all the assets they need to take on the challenge like a pro – a top of the range camera, bright airy and colourful locations (as opposed to a dreary day in a Liverpool semi) and bags of experience of blogging and photography – both of which, I have neither. But hey ho, I’m all about giving things a go and I may have got carried away, the challenge is the take ONE plant and make it pop, I couldn’t stop at one, but practice makes perfect so it’s all in the name of improvement if you ask me…

Home-grown peonies on our 'Peacock' conservatory wall
Home-grown peonies on our ‘Peacock’ conservatory wall

First up was the peonies which have finally started blooming in my garden – it’s our first summer in the house so it’s been so exciting to see the mystery flowers bloom since March, and these proved to be the most exciting by far. The ‘Proud Peacock‘ feature wall in our (still unfinished) conservatory is the only bright wall in the house and I knew straight away that this pink and turquoise combo was the one to start with.

And I didn’t stop there with the peonies, I wanted to get the most out of them during their short bloom period, so tried photographing them in front of the turquoise chevron print garden seat cushions we’ve recently bought from Home Sense (a bargain at £7 each in the sale).

Putting our chevron print garden cushions to good use
Putting our chevron print garden cushions to good use

Next up is a bit of a cheat and not exactly to brief (can you tell I work in advertising?) as there isn’t so much colour popping going on here, but I’m still obsessed with our Scion Dhurrie wallpaper in the living room and find it makes the perfect backdrop to so many photos where I want to inject a bit of personality. The plant pot is one of my favourite finds in a recent Home Sense Haul and I love how the colour and style of print slightly clash with the walls. Adding these roses broke up the prints and the contrast of beautiful, delicate white roses and bold prints kind of sums up my style and my home.

Bold print clashing and delicate white roses
Bold print clashing and delicate white roses

Back to brief, and back to the conservatory where my Yucca plant lives, right next to the Peacock wall. Home for the Yucca is a big wicker pot from Ikea, which includes an in-built plastic pot making it ideal for house plants, and with some strategic framing (i.e. me lying on the floor) I caught the top of the pot and the bottom pups of the Yucca, which looks fab against the brighter shade of green.

Green on green
Green on green

Finally I have another cheat, as this isn’t one plant, it’s a bunch of flowers, but only two varieties so surely I can be let off the hook. With only one bright wall in the house I had to get creative, so my Asos yellow skirt came in handy for the backdrop to this bouquet!

Skirts and flowers
Skirts and flowers

Urban Jungle Bloggers is taking a break now until September, so while I’m waiting for the next challenge to meet my inbox, I can’t wait to see what bright and bold wonders appear on the website over the summer!

2 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant Colour Pop

  1. Wow, these look REALLY good, just like a pro!!! Love the Yucca against the minty background ❤ Thank you for these fun #plantcolorpop photos! Wish you a nice & colorful summer!


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