Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants and Art

If you regularly read my blog or follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably know that I have a love for all things flowery or planty. I’ve not got the knack of keeping them alive just yet but it doesn’t mean I don’t care, and fresh flowers and some some of greenery have become one of my absolute must-haves at home. I’ve even looked into floristry night schools to turn this passion into a hobby. I’ve not quite found the one that suits my location or my long hours at work just yet though. I’ll keep you posted…

Anyway, when I came across Urban Jungle Bloggers on Twitter at the start of the summer, I was beyond excited as it felt like an online community that I could get on board with. Plants meet interiors, with regular ‘challenges’ for followers to take on and share with the rest of the Urban Jungle Bloggers followers, and perhaps have them shared on the UJB website (I’m part of the community so I’m allowed to abbreviate, I think).

My last attempt at a UJB challenge was all about Plant Colour Pop, and my newly painted conservatory wall (you know, the one from this post) came in very handy as the backdrop to my yukka plant. And look! That photo was featured on the Urban Jungle Blogger website! Which as a newbie blogger made me feel very pleased I must say.

The new challenge was all about Plants and Art, and they’ve had some fab submissions so far. I particularly liked a big bold number (both the plant and the art) from Eat Blog Love, and the beautiful bright succulent from Zjojes.

For my first attempt, I used my new baby bonsai from Ikea in my hammered metal black and gold bowl (also Ikea) against my beloved gold foil Ampersand print from EYI Love.

UJB Bonsai

The black from the pot and the marble fire hearth, combined with the metallic gold and fresh green leaves, and the shapely curves of the bonsai, plant pot and beautiful ampersand, create what I feel to be a pretty satisfying image which makes me love each of the individual elements all over again.

Now very much in the Plants & Art groove, I had another go, using some fresh pink roses against my San Francisco map print from Not On The High Street.

UJB Roses

The pink blooms blended nicely with the coral shades in the print, a special one to me as San Francisco was our first (and my favourite) stop on our honeymoon. Layered on the leaning mirror in our front living room, it’s a light, bright, personal effort for my second Plants & Art photograph.

I’m pretty happy with my latest Urban Jungle Bloggers efforts, and can’t wait to see what the next challenge is! Get yourselves over there now to see more of the above. But better!

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